The Olive Branch Community Centre, 
Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire.


About us

The Olive Branch is the home of Community Activity and Droitwich Spa Baptist Church.  
It is our desire to share our town centre building with community groups at affordable accessibility.

Community Centre

The Olive Branch is home to a growing number of community groups in Droitwich Spa including Weight Watchers, Food Bank, Age UK, Boy's Brigade and Girl's Association and a community coffee shop.

Community Church

Our Menu of Worship starts in January 2018 offering varied opportunities for community worship services, events and activities.

Inspired by Faith, Open to all.

We aim to be:-
A locally relevant church and community centre which is known through it’s enactment of Christian love to be welcoming, hospitable, generous and sensitive to the needs of all.

(The Olive Branch Community Centre is the outreach project of 
Droitwich Spa Baptist Church)

Our Community

Community Activity

We are home to a varied community programme
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Our Menu of Worship

We aim to offer relevant worship opportunities for a wider community.
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Youth and Children's work

From Boys Brigade to Techy Chocolate Church.
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